The Hague 2-6: Palalai – Skate Crew for Queers, Freaks and other Outlaws

Longboards rainbow colours

Longboards ready for a ride

Today Saturday June 2nd, Tom holds a meeting with the Palalai Skate Crew again. They gather at about 14.00 in an outdoor area not so far from Kijkduin, The Hague. Please text them via 06 17164359 for the exact location!

This is the email we received from Tom. We have met them, had a nice chat and we like and support their initiative! All done in wonderful inspiration. If you’re joining: be careful and do have fun!


Hi there, my name is Tom and i invite you to join the ranks of Palalai.

This is a safe space for individuals who belong to the LGBTQ community. You are very welcome to join us even if you do not belong to this categories, the keyword is mutual respect and acceptance.

I created Palalai to provide a welcoming space to anyone who, like me, felt as an outcast during his life.

I started longboarding 3 years ago and it helped me release energy and overcome hurdles. This initiative is inspired by Kate Bornstein (LGBTQ activist and interdimensional traveller) : she talks about the “neurogenetic mode” and she explains that learning new skills helps regenerating brain cells and it is of great help for anyone who found themself “within a forest dark” and is trying to reach a more positive mindset.

We meet circa once a month on variable locations.
You can ride with us on a longboard, a skate, rollerblades etcetera.
I have some boards to lend out to beginners, Just ask me.
If you never stepped on a board before but you want to try, you can join us for the first 15 minutes of our meeting where we do some warm-up and give practice tips to newcomers.

This is an informal event and it is completely gratis.
We do not have fixed dates, we talk to eachother and organize via Whatsapp group : text “PALALAI+YOUR NAME” @0617164359 and i will welcome you to the group.

See you soon!



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