Queer Guide of The Hague

The Hague is a city with a relaxed atmosphere, where bisexual, transgender, queer, lesbian and gay people, and for people with a different identity associated with this group, like pansexual, asexual, non-binary and/or intersex, can feel easily at home. Which are the places to hang out for the LGBT+QIAP and nb community in The Hague? Check out our list of favorites.

Where to have a drink?
Where to enjoy your lunch?
Where to snack?
Where to go for dinner?
Where to party?
Where to meet other lgbt+qiap and non-binary people?
Where to meet lesBian and queer women?
Where to meet transgender people?
Where to meet LGBTIQ+ students and university employees?
Where to meet LGBT seniors?
What to read?
Which queer podcasts made in The Hague to listen to?
Other queer podcasts we also recommend?
Where to get counselling or coaching?
Where to find queer friendly housing?
Where to find LGBTI+ symbols in public space?
Where to get training in LGBTI+ topics?
Where to file a complaint for discrimination?
Where to do sports?
Where to sing?
Where to shop?
Where to swap?
Where to cruise?

Where to have a drink?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Queer aan Zee
Informal meetup for LGBTIQ++ people in The Hague and surroundings. An open, social space for drinks and activities (hiking, theater/film, festivals, parties). Meeting every last Saturday of the month in Brouwerij De Prael. We start at 4pm and break up when it feels right. Our saying: ‘A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.’

Café ‘t Achterom [Achterom 22 A, Den Haag.]
Cosy, informal gay café. Here your glass is always half full.

COC Haaglanden [Scheveningseveer 7, 2514 HB Den Haag.]
Non-profit café COC Haaglanden organises activities for LGBTIQ+ people, such as dinner, drinks, movie screenings, meetups and parties. They have groups for example for international LGBTI+ people in the International Social Club, LGBTQ youngsters age from 12 to 18 years in Jong & Out Haaglanden, autistic LGBT people in the AutiRoze Café, open minded girls and women in DARE, and transgender and non-binary folks in the Gendercafé.

De Landman [Denneweg 48, 2514 CH Den Haag.]
One of the oldest pubs in The Hague, anno 1762. Popular among gay men, civil servants and expats. Cosy, full of kitsch and the entire Dutch royal family on the wall.

De Vink [Schoolstraat 28, 2511 AX Den Haag.]
The Hague’s oldest gay bar is always packed with a young crowd that comes to have a drink after work, having fun on Dutch music.

Where to enjoy your lunch?

‘t Achterommetje [Achterom 71, 2511 AH Den Haag.]
Cosy lunchroom painted in lively colours. A hidden pearl in the centre of the city that serves delicious food.

Bookstor [Noordeinde 39, 2514 GC The Hague.]
A place where people meet and stories are shared. They have coffee and cake.

Juni café [Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM The Hague.]
Café in Het Nutshuis in the center of The Hague. Enjoy their freshly made delicacies. You can have breakfast, lunch and much more.

Mugs and Mermaids [Torenstraat 79, 2513 BP The Hague.]
Mermazing hotspot for colorful, hip, trendy and yet responsible drinks and bites.

Scallys Tearoom & Lunchroom [Wagenstraat 117, 2512 AS Den Haag.]
Cheerful service and creative mix based on the English kitchen. Freshly prepared soups, sandwiches, quiches and eggs, as well as vegetarian dishes.

Where to snack?

Bram Ladage [Spuistraat 72, Den Haag.]
‘We are not a snack bar, but do something beautiful with a potato.’ Every day fresh potatoos baked in 100% vegetable soybean oil.

De Vegetarische Snackbar [Stationsplein 5a, 2515 BT Den Haag.]
Serves meatless snacks only; drinks mainly organic and fries baked in rice oil.

Where to go for dinner?

Bogor Roemah Makan [Van Swietenstraat 2, 2518 SJ Den Haag. Phone +31 (0)70 3461628]
Bogor looks like cosy dining room. Here you can eat Indonesian food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Stichting Centrum [Villa K, Violenweg 2, 2597 KL Den Haag.]
Cultural Free Zone Villa K is a home for a international interdisciplinary group of artist living and working together. Next to the artistic program, Villa K organises a bi-monthly dinner café.

Conscious Kitchen [Witte de Withstraat 127, 2518 CS The Hague.]
Initiative that focuses on the prevention of food waste in The Hague. A small group of dedicated volunteers save food from markets and supermarkets. Every Tuesday they prepare a delicious dinner with the surplus food for anyone who comes.

Hagedis [Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116, 2518 JR Den Haag.]
Restaurant that serves delicious organic vegetarian dishes. Beer from local breweries.

Little V [Rabbijn Maarsenplein 21, 2512 HJ Den Haag.]
Busy restaurant, yummy Vietnamese food. Excellent service.

Love & Peas [Weimarstraat 37 A, 2562 GP Den Haag.]
A warm & welcoming place for Palestinian vegetarian meals.

Het Puntje [Noorderstrand, Zwarte Pad 2, Scheveningen.]
At the end of Northern part of Scheveningen beach. Tasty food on a local basis. Relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. Near nudebeach. No nudism allowed on the terrace.

Symbiose [Galileistraat 160, 2561 TL Den Haag.]
Organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Small and cosy.

Vegane Glorie [Douzastraat 1, 2581 RV Den Haag.]
Vegan restaurant. Serves plant based, organic food and drinks.

De Wankele Tafel [Mauritskade 79, 2514 HH Den Haag.]
Cosy vegan restaurant where Thijs and Yvonne cook good and affordable meals for you. Open on Tue-Sat. If you prefer to eat alone, this is your place to be.

Water en Brood [Beatrijsstraat 12, 2531 XE Den Haag.]
Biological vegan food. Open Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat from 13:00. Call +31 (0)70 3997455 to reserve your seat for diner. Kitchen open 17:30-21:00. No pin.

Where to party?

Pann on Tour
For young gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Monthly party in the city of Utrecht. But when on Tour, the Pann party on Scheveningen beach is guaranteed a highlight.

Parish Queer Night
Underground queer minded club night in The Hague, bringing you back to where it all began. Let’s house baby. Let’s freak your body. Side by side, no divide. In PiP Den Haag.

Straight friendly (gay) party for all who ♥ the best ’90s till now popmusic. On the 42nd floor of restaurant The Penthouse with spectacular views over the city of The Hague.

Hysterical gay party. Sometimes on the beach, sometimes in town.

The Hague Pride
Four days festival in The Hague with movies, exhibitions, interviews, debates, Pride Walk, djs, artists, performances, outdoor stages and (after)parties. Specially aimed at the LGBT+ community and everyone who brings them a warm heart. Follow the Facebook page for updates.

The Hague Pride Walk
Dancing in the streets, celebrating sexual and gender diversity, and giving a visible signal that we are queer, we’re here and can be ourselves in The Hague. Remember: Pride was a Protest! The first ever Pride Walk in The Hague was an initiative of The Hang-Out 070. Nowadays COC Haaglanden organises the event. Follow the Facebook page for updates.

The Utopia Ball x Fashion Show
Queer ballroom dance event, with voguing and competition. Sometimes organised in The Hague.

Where to meet other lgbt+qiap and non-binary people?

AVEN Forum – Do you think cake is better than sex? Then you might identify as asexual. See for news on more ace friendly activities besides Queer aan Zee the Dutch AVEN Forum.

beuys bois. BB is an international art collective that teamed up with existing LGBTQ+ organisation The Hang-Out 070 to celebrate the LGBTQ+ arts in The Hague.

Bi+ groep – For people who love more than one sex/gender. In the Facebook group of Bi+ Nederland local meetups are encouraged.

De Boot – Drinks for gays and friends. DJ, booze and bites. Every third Sunday of the month in the spring and summer season on De Pakschuit, a boat on a canal in the center of The Hague. –> Related event: Het Dok.

Christenqueer – Association for christian LGBTI people. The group for region West sometimes organises activities in or near The Hague.

Het Dok – Drinks for gays and friends. DJ, booze and bites. On the third Sunday of November and February in Café de Pakschuit in The Hague. –> Related event: De Boot.

Den Haag Pride – Network for LGBT employees of the municipality of The Hague.

Gay & Lesbian Social Zuid-Holland – Large group on meetup.com of more than 1,000 members. In The Hague the most popular event is having a drink in a café or on a terrace.

Gay Expats in The Hague – Facebook group for foreign LGBTI+ expats in The Hague.

Gender Defenders – For LGBTQIA+ teenagers and youngsters in The Hague, especially non-binary and trans youth. 

Gendercafé Den Haag – cosy evening for transgender and (other) gender non-binary people, their family and friends in COC Haaglanden cafe.

The Hang-Out 070 – The place to be for LGBTIQ+ youngsters with diverse cultural backgrounds in The Hague. Organisor of queer poetry and movie nights. Made the photo expo #mylgbtqlife in The Hague. Initiator of the first ever Pride Walk The Hague 2017.

Hiv association The Hague – Weekly lunch in COC Haaglanden for people living with hiv.

Hof Lounge – Network opportunity! Once a quarter on the first Sunday of the month, bar-restaurant Angie’s Kitchen in The Hague is filled with smart dressed hipster gays and their friends who enjoy tunes, food & bubbles.

Kringen Haaglanden – A ‘Kring’ (circle) is a group of gay, lesbian and/or bisexual people who meet once a month, at one of their member’s home.

LGBT Films at Filmhuis Den Haag – Always a LGBT film to enjoy, often with English subtitles.

LGBT Refugees Den Haag – For LGBT refugees and their supporters in The Hague for the feeling of empowerment and community, thru gatherings and meetings.

Nonbinair (Nederlands) – Facebook group for people who feel non-binary. Main language is Dutch.

Orpheus – Supports people who have to deal with homosexual, lesbian or bisexual feelings of themselves or their partner in their heterosexual relationship. Group meets in The Hague every 3r Wednesday of the month.

Pathé Pride Night – Every Wednesday of the month they show a gay movie. Join the Pathé Pride Night community.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Queer aan Zee – Informal drinks and in- and outdoor activities group for LGBT+QIAP and non-binary people in The Hague. For updates like, follow or visit the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or the website – You’re here 😉

Queer Spreek Uur – Every Friday from 19 to 21 hours they hold Queer Spreek Uur in Anarchistische Boekenwinkel Opstand in The Hague Moerwijk. They watch movies, discuss a book, listen to queer music and devise actions.

Queer The Hague – Platform for all queers of The Hague to unite, create, support and promote each other. Makes it easier to find each other, come together and have fun.

Roze Règâhs – The LGBT soccer fanclub of ADO Den Haag. 100% for ADO Den Haag, 100% against homonegativity! Follow the Facebook page for updates.

Where to meet lesBian and queer women?
Women are female humans who self identify as such.

Bijou Women’s Group – Activities for bi+ women of 30 years or older from all over The Netherlands. Meetups are often in Zoetermeer or somewhere else in the Randstad.

Damespad (Ladies Path) – Announcements for walks and hiking tours for women, sometimes in the province of South Holland. Plus information about the route Damespad Zuid-Holland.

DARE – Women’s group of COC Haaglanden. Follow the Facebook page for updates.

De Heksenketel – Women’s choir, group of mostly lesBian and some straight women with a passion for singing.

Celebration of International Women’s Day The Hague – The municipality of The Hague throws a festival to celebrate International Women’s Day on or near March 8th. Usually LBTIQ+ are representated in the programme.

Girl Gone International – Local chapter in The Hague of a global community offering friendship to H & LBTIQ+ women and non-binary people living far from home.

Kringen Haaglanden – They usually have a few women’s circles (‘vrouwenkring’).

L-World – Events for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer women.

Mil Colores – For LBTIQ+ women from multi ethnic identities. Attend their workshops, or join their annual party in The Hague. Dance, meet, flirt, eat. ❣

The Parliament of Pain – Roller Derby League in The Hague with two women’s teams.

De Potige Dames – Women’s hiking club. Sometimes they plan a walking route close to The Hague.

De Rotterdamse Wandeldames – Group of lesBian+ women who love hiking. Sometimes they plan a walking route close to The Hague. Contact: rotterdamsedames [at] hotmail.com

Stuurloos – Women’s cyclists group. Monthly tours, sometimes near The Hague.

Where to meet transgender and non-binary people?

Gender Defenders – For LGBTQIA+ teenagers and youngsters in The Hague, especially trans and non-binary youth. 

Gendercafé Den Haag – cosy, monthly evening in COC Haaglanden cafe for transgender and (other) gender non-binary people, their family and friends.

Nonbinair (Nederlands) – Facebook group for people who feel non-binary. Main language is Dutch.

You can also attend meetings held by the Jongensuur (sometimes holds meetups in The Hague), Transcafé RotterdamTransgendergroep Leiden or the Transgendercircle in Sassenheim. 

Where to meet LGBTIQ+ students and university employees?

LGBT group @ ISS The Hague – Sexual Diversity Committee of ISS (International Institute of Social Studies), The Hague.
Philautia – For LGBTIQ+ students in Delft and The Hague.
Proud s.a. – Association for LGBTIQ+ students at The Hague University.
Queer KABK – Queer society KABK.

Where to meet LGBT seniors?

Roze Soos Samen [Dienstencentrum Copernicus, Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT The Hague] – Expect modest gay guys as drag queens who do playback performances in a community center, and you’re there.
Zilveruitjes [COC Haaglanden, Scheveningseveer 7, 2514 HB The Hague] – Activities like drinks, dinner, movie screenings, music performances and art gallery visits.

What to read?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Queer aan Zee newsletter – Regularly irregular newsletter written in an informal style about Queer aan Zee activities. To add your email to our mailing list, please contact us (Dutch).

The Gay Issue – Magazine about their love for men, available in kiosks in the Netherlands and Belgium (Dutch).
Gay News – Bilingual magazine in Dutch and English, available in gay cafes and queer bookstores.
Hello Gorgeous – Magazine for everyone who lives with hiv (Dutch, and once a year each summer it’s also published in English).
TRANS – Independent annual magazine about gender identity (Dutch).
Winq Magazine – Lifestyle magazine for men who love men (Dutch).

Chemsex NL – Mini magazine for men having sex with men (Dutch).
ContigoContact.nl – Online news and dating site for LesBian women (Dutch).
Het Continuum – Online magazine about gender diversity and transgender (Dutch).
Expreszo – Online queer youth magazine (Dutch).
De GayKrant – Online LGBT news, interviews, and blogs (Dutch).
Gaysite.nl – Online LGBT news, columns, and gay agenda (Dutch).
Harlot – Platform for sexual freedom – A layered perspective on sexual emancipation. Powered by One World, journalism for an honest and sustainable world (Dutch).
Lilith – Feminist journalistic platform and zine (Dutch).
Tijdschrift Lover – Online feminist magazine (Dutch).
Vice NL – Online, many articles about sexual and gender identity (Dutch).
ZijaanZij.nl – Online magazine for women who love women (Dutch).

Which queer podcasts made in The Hague to listen to?

Bi Positive Podcast – About exploring the sexuality continuum. By Mari and MD (English).
Pottencast – About lesbian experiences. By COC Haaglanden (Dutch).
Spectrum – About queer bipoc experiences, LGBTI+ identities and activism. By Riyaz Luvz (The Hague) and powered by Dipsaus (Amsterdam, The Hague, New York – Dutch).
Uit De Cast – About LGBT+ identities. By COC Haaglanden (Dutch).

Other queer podcasts we also recommend!

Aan het eind van de Regenboog – Being LGBTI and  Christian. By Sanna de Boer (Dutch).
Bi Bye Podcast – About bi+ experiences. By Sara Verlee (Dutch).
Brabantse Pot-cast – ‘Keigezellig’ about LGBTI topics. By Anja and Jolanda (Dutch).
CoupleGoals – Diversity in couples show. By Mandy Woelkens & Thorn Roos de Vries (Dutch).
DAMN, HONEY – About feminism. By Marie Lotte and Nydia (Dutch).
Eeuw van de Amateur – Mini coming-outs and everything. By Botte, Ype and Paulien (Dutch).
Genderkwiebus – About gender. By Nanoah Struik (Dutch).
Gewoon Homo – How is it to be Just Gay? By Danny and Barry (Dutch).
Komt een mens bij de dokter – Patients tell (lgbti) stories from the doctor’s office (Dutch).
Kutgesprekken – About sexuality, identity, and relations. By Melissa and Shayla (Dutch).
Lesbische Liga – About LBQ women. By Annefleur and Vera (Dutch).
Mensje in de Maak – About queer and trans parenthood. By Tamar and Sophie. (Dutch).
– About sex and intimacy. By Marije Janssen (Dutch).
Op Zoek naar een Queer Boek – About favorite LGBTI+ books. By Anne and Artimisia (Dutch)
Op zoek naar Seksualiteit – On sexuality. By Linda de Munck & Nynke Nijman (Dutch). #spon
Opgewonden – About sex in all shapes and sizes. By Haroon Ali and Yora Rienstra (Dutch).
Poepeklets – Sex positive podcast. By Kenny and Ellen (Flamish).
Polyam – About non-monogamy and poly people. By Isabeau Jensen (Dutch).
Rotterdamse Rainbow Stories – Stories about LGBTI+-lives. By Arjan and Iris (Dutch).
Schaduwspits – Why is it so difficult to come out of the closet in soccer? (Dutch)

Where to get counselling or coaching?

B-Lifecoaching [Industriekade 27, 2172 HX Sassenheim] – William Slotboom, expert in gender identity. His specialty is guiding men who want to express their feminine side.

Tijs Breuer – Neptunus Wellbeing [Westbroekse Binnenweg 56A, 3612 AJ Tienhoven] – Massage, coaching, body work, tantra, grief process. Sometimes he holds practices in The Hague.

Centrum Seksuele Gezondheid (Centre for Sexual Health) [Westeinde 128 (next to GGD Haaglanden), 2512 HE The Hague] – For example for your (regular) STI test(s) (free-of-charge).

Consultation hour at Spot 46. [Herengracht 46a, 2511 EJ The Hague] – For transgender sex workers. Every first Friday of the month 13.00-15.00. The consultation is free, no appointment needed. Host: Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN).

Hofje van Pauw [Paardenmarkt 54, 2611 PC Delft] – Haptotherapy, stressmanagement, relationship therapy and coaching.

JIP Haaglanden [Amsterdamse Veerkade 17A, 2512 AG The Hague] – For youngsters. Their info, advice and support is free, confidential and reliable.

Luisterlijn [phone, chat, mail] – They listen to you. Day and night. 

NA-Anonieme Verslaafden Nederland [online] – Unit The Hague. Are you recovering from the consequences of an addiction? Join the anonymous addiction Rainbow group on Sundays.

Olivia Brouillette [Waldorpstraat 17 – 8th floor, 2521 CA The Hague] – Counselling & psychotherapy services in English.

Peter Paffrath [Surinamestraat 24 – 2nd floor, 2585 GJ The Hague] – Counselling & psychotherapy services in English.

PSYNT [President Kennedylaan 19, 2517 JK The Hague] The psychotherapists provide counseling in English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, and Armenian.

Social Work COC Haaglanden [Scheveningseveer 7, 2514 HB The Hague] – Counsellors welcome you to talk about your LGBTIQ+ issues. Sessions are free of charge.

Tika Stardust – offers social-erotic services for people with a physical or mental disability.

–> See for more LGBTIQ+-friendly counsellors: Roze Hulpverlening: rozehulpverlening.nl. Select ‘Den Haag’.
–> See for specific trans care the Transgender Zorgkaart for The Netherlands and Belgium:  transgenderzorgkaart.nl. Select ‘Den Haag’.

Where to find queer friendly housing?

Homes for Queers in Randstad area – Facebook group for all the Queers of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht to help you find lovely housemates and safe happy homes.

Where to find LGBTI+ symbols in public space?

And Life is Over There – Sculpture by Femmy Otten. Where to find: corner Spui and Grote Marktstraat, in front of the Intersport store, The Hague. Bronze. Unveiled in 2017. In the totem-like image, the male and the female merge. It’s a statement for freedom of thought. Everything may be there, even if it’s different.

International Homo Monument – Artwork by Theo ten Have. Where to find: Koekamp, Laan van Reagan en Gorbatsjov, side Prinsessegracht, The Hague. Steel. Unveiled in 1993. Serves as a commemoration for all lesbian women and gay men, anywhere in the world, persecuted or oppressed because of their sexual orientation, in the past and in the present.

Louis Couperus – Artwork by Kees Verkade. Where to find: Lange Voorhout, The Hague. Bronze statue on a natural stone pedestal. Unveiled in 1998. Louis Couperus (1863-1923) is a famous Dutch author and considered as a gay person.

Regenboog bank – A colourful rainbow sofa in the outdoor shopping centre of Loosduinen. Because ‘everybody can and should be themselves’.

Regenboog zebrapad – Rainbow pedestrian crossing near railway station The Hague Central. 

Where to get training in LGBTI+ topics?

COC Haaglanden Voorlichting – LGBTI+ volunteers give guest lessons on sexual identity and gender diversity in schools. 

Peer to Peer Intervention – Peer to Peer educators are trained in giving information on LGBTI+ issues in (secondary Vocational Education and Training) schools. They also contribute to the Minor Sexuality and Diversity at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

PEP Den Haag – Courses for volunteers, amongst others one in Gender and sexual diversity within organisations.

Where to file a complaint for discrimination?

Den Haag Meldt [St. Jacobstraat 125, 2512 AN The Hague.] – Service from the Gemeentelijke ombudsman. The antidiscrimination facility where all residents of the Hague can report discrimination complaints. Also for if you hear, see or read something bad, you can contact The Hague Meldt.

Roze in Blauw Haaglanden. Point of contact for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people within and outside the Police. Email: rozeinblauw.den-haag [at] politie.nl.

Stichting iDb [Koninginnegracht 12b, 2514 AA The Hague.] – Foundation iDb will listen to you and help you with filing your complaint if you feel discriminated against, amongst others, your sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Where to do sports?

Op Hoge Poten – Hiking club for gay and bisexual men. Sometimes they plan a walking route close to The Hague.

The Parliament of Pain – Awesome Roller Derby League in The Hague. Always on the lookout for fresh meat!

Plons – Swimming club in The Hague for gays, lesbians, and friends.

De Potige Dames – Women’s hiking club. Sometimes they plan a walking route close to The Hague.

De Rotterdamse Wandeldames – Group of lesBian+ women who love hiking. Sometimes they plan a walking route close to The Hague. Contact: rotterdamsedames [at] hotmail.com

Roze Blok – Gay sportsclub in Delft for volleyball and badminton.

Stuurloos – Women’s cyclists group. Monthly tours, sometimes near The Hague.

Where to sing?

De Heksenketel – women’s choir, group of mostly lesBian and some straight women

Kwasi Kloos – vocal group of all genders singers.

Mannenkoorts – men’s vocal double quartet. They sing exclusively a cappella.

Vox Rosa – gay men’s choir.

Where to shop?

Anarchist bookshop Opstand. [De Samenscholing, Beatrijsstraat 12, 2531 XE Den Haag.]
Bookshop for a range of political subjects, magazines, stickers and pamphlets. Place to come together for a cup of coffee or thee, and to discuss actions. Open every Thursday 17:00 – 21:00 and Friday 15:00 – 18:00.

Bookshop Centaur [Laan van Meerdervoort 435, Den Haag.]
With used books and dvd’s piled up to the ceiling, you will always find a title that you did not expect to come across. Possibly with a LGBT+ theme.

Kado om de hoek [Hogewal 1 links, 2514 HA Den Haag.]
Often compared with the Moma New York Museum store. Funny and colourful design presents for every occasion. Famous for its welcome for every new person who enters the shop.

Page Not Found [Boekhorststraat 126-128, 2512 CT The Hague] 
Bookstore of printed artists’ publications, and cultural platform for talks, performances, lectures and workshops.

Where to swap?

Bea-Nix [Beatrijsstraat 14, 2531 XE Den Haag.] – In this shop, a ‘Weggeefwinkel’ (GiveAwayShop), you can get things for free.

Emmaus Welvaartsresten [Prinsegracht 36, 2512 GA Den Haag.] – Second hand shop where they sell donated prosperity remains.

Kringloop Den Haag [several locations in Rijswijk and The Hague.] – You can donate your items -they pick up excess stuff from your home for free- and buy other ones for a very nice price.

Rumi Foundation [Paviljoensgracht 33, 2512 BL Den Haag.] – Helps and guides immigrants and refugees in The Hague.

Terres des Hommes [Apeldoornselaan 175, 2573 LG Den Haag.] – Store where you can buy second hand items, and bring your stuff to give it a new life.

Vincentius Kledingbeurs [Westeinde 177, 2512 GX Den Haag.] – Sells second hand clothes, linen, books and bric and brac.

Where to enjoy bdsm parties, where to cruise?

BDSM-jongeren [Thomsonlaan 107, 2565 HZ Den Haag.] – Playparties for youngsters aged 18-35 interested in bdsm in Club Ron.

Club Ron [Thomsonlaan 107, 2565 HZ Den Haag.] – Place for wild parties and orgies.

Sauna Fides [Veenkade 20, 2513 BG Den Haag.] – Men only. Relax from daily stress. Opened every day of the week from 13.00 to 23.00.

The Boss [Rijswijkseweg 536, 2516 HT Den Haag.] – Cruising bar. Themes like nudist, underwear, sportswear, and other fetishes.

[Website is not worksafe] Gay & bisexual men cruising in public places – Public places where you can find men seeking sex with other men anonymously.

–> Check for more meetups for the bdsm, fetish and kinky community: fetlife.com.

More inspiration?

See for more suggestions for LGBTQ+ events and other queer friendly activities in The Hague the website www.gaydenhaag.nl or Gay & Lesbian Switchboard, the information and support service for the lesbian, gay, bi and transgender community in The Netherlands.

Not on this list?

If you have a nice suggestion for this list, please let us know! Contact us. We’ll answer as soon as possible. ❤

5 thoughts on “Queer Guide of The Hague

  1. Brian Kochera

    I’m from the USA.. I’m planning on seeing the Anouk beach concert n September . Are there any gay friendly places to stay? If I stayed somewhere near or in the center of town, how would I get to Schevenenigen? Is there public transportation?

    1. hildeskabinet Post author

      Hi Brian,

      Welcome to Scheveningen Beach! You’ll enjoy the Anouk in concert. She’s one of the best and energetic singers we have in The Netherlands.

      We know a lot about LGBTQIAP The Hague, Scheveningen and surroundings, but we have no current experience with gay friendly places to stay. So for now it’s difficult to give you advice on this question. Because we also don’t know what you can afford or want to spend.

      Low budget opportunities, are: Couchsurfing The Hague: https://www.couchsurfing.com/places/europe/netherlands/the+hague
      or the Hospitality Club The Hague: http://secure.hospitalityclub.org/hc/hcworld.php?city=7513 (but these pages don’t look updated).

      For questions that are not LGBTI+ related, like public transport, we kindly refer you to the Tourist Office The Hague: https://denhaag.com/en/tourist-office

  2. Eden Fantasys

    One of the few long-established lesbian bars (since 1978) in Amsterdam recently changed its interior and door policy. Men are also allowed in, whether accompanied by a woman or not. As their website quotes, Saarein is now open for all queer-minded people’. This small, cosy bar is split into three levels, including a bar, pool table and reading section. Saarein has a loyal following of feminists.

    1. hildeskabinet Post author

      Hi Eden,

      Thank you for your information about the wonderful café Saarein (https://saarein2.nl/) in de Jordaan in Amsterdam. You’re lucky to have such a long-term LesBian & Queer place in the city.

      This Queer Guide is about the Hague, though, so we have no intention to add Amsterdam based queer initiatives. But please, keep us posted if you have a really nice & queer event for where all genders are welcome, because we do travel.

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